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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Motivational Posters

The terms and conditions stated below are the only conditions that will be applicable to a sales contract for sales of personality and self development posters as well as motivational, inspirational and success posters or any other motivational products and gifts sold on this website irrespective of any terms proposed or put forward by the buyer.

Payment Terms

Payment for all orders has to be made in advance. Posters / Goods will be shipped after receipt of confirmed orders and receipt of payment. We do not offer any credit terms.

Passing of title and risk

All risk with respect to the posters / goods shall pass to the buyer on shipment / delivery. All goods including posters, irrespective of whether they are delivered or not, will remain our property until all payments are received. Till the time the payment is made in full, the buyer shall retain all the goods separately from other goods as well as clearly mark them in a way that the goods / posters can be easily identified as being our property. The buyer shall not start using the goods or distributing and selling the goods till the payment is made in full.


We reserve the right to change / alter any product details including the design of the products shown on our website without prior notice. However, we will make every effort to give fully accurate description of the goods on the website / sales literature. No warranty is offered by us as to accuracy of the description and we take no responsibility for any loss because for any error or incorrect description made by mistake.

Quotations and contracts

All orders will be accepted subject to our right to change / adjust the quoted prices because of any changes in the law or Government regulations with respect direct taxation, import duties, customs and excise duties or otherwise. The prices of our goods / posters are based on current cost of production. In case of any increase in wages or material cost or any other cost incurred by us after the confirmation or accepted contract, we shall have the right to charge for any such increases to the buyer.


Prices are subject to change. The prices prevailing on the delivery date will be applicable unless otherwise agreed by us.

Delivery and lead times

Every effort will be made to deliver on time. However, any delivery time/date or lead-time stated on our website is a best estimate and we will not be responsible for any loss /  liability arising from any delay and / or error in the delivery of the posters / goods.