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Special Service Payment
Special Service Payment


If you are an International customer and if you have received a special quotation for customized motivational and inspirational posters, you can pay the quoted amount by credit card. To do so, please fill the form given below. If you need help, you are advised to also read the detailed instructions given below the payment form.

  Billing Address

Delivery Address

Company Name
First Name off off
Last Name
Street1 off off
City off off
State off off
Country off off
Zip offoff offoff
Email offoff offoff
Phone No offInvalid format. offInvalid format.
Mobile No
Negotiated/Agreed Amount* A value is required.Invalid format.
To be used only when amount has been agreed upon in case of customized products/services

Please follow the following steps to make the payment by CREDIT CARD:

Step 1: Fill out "BILLING / DELIVERY" information

First, please fill the desired information in the "BILLING / DELIVERY" section. If your “BILLING” details / information is the same as the “DELIVERY” detail / information, then SELECT the relevant box. The “BILLING” details / information will be automatically repeated in the “DELIVERY” details /  information.

Step 2:  Fill the Description Section

In the DESCRIPTION section, briefly state the product / service towards which you are making the payment. If possible, copy / paste our quotation.

Step 3: Fill the amount

In the "NEGOTIATED / AGREED AMOUNT" section, fill the quoted amount (INR or USD as the case may be). The quoted amount can be stated in INR (Rs.) or USD ($).

Step 4: Pay Now

After taking the above steps, CLICK on PAY NOW button. This will take you to the "PAYPAL PAYMENT GATEWAY" page. Now just follow the instructions of Paypal to make the payment through CREDIT CARD.