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Motivational, Self Development Posters, Personality Development Posters - Sizes Options

All the motivational, inspirational, personality and self development posters are available in the following standard sizes:

  Quality posters 11" x 17" (digitally printed on 170 gsm art paper) - Rs. 145 each
  management posters 12.5" x 18.5" (digitally printed on 170 gsm art paper) - Rs. 175 each
  motivational posters 18" x 24" (digitally printed on Vinyl) - Rs. 350 each
  motivational posters 24" x 36" (digitally printed on Vinyl) - Rs. 680 each
  Quality posters 30" x 40" (digitally printed on Vinyl) - Rs. 1050 each

Customized Sizes / Material Used

We offer all the motivational and inspirational posters available on our website in any size you want, that is apart from the available standard sizes. Details are as follows:

Size : One Side: Maximum 5 ft,  Other Side: Any length you want

Motivational Posters with the above measurement specifications are printed DIGITALLY on VINYL. The quality of Vinyl material is better than FLEX. To order special sizes, please contact us for appropriate rates /quotes.

If you want the inspirational posters mounted, we suggested that the same can be done at your end. We also provide the mounting service but only for Delhi/NCR Region.

Size : One Side: Min 5ft – Max 15 ft,  Other Side: Any length you want

Inspirational Posters with above measurement specifications are printed by SOLVENT PRINTING on FLEX material (Front-lit). The quality of FLEX material is inferior to VINYL. To order special sizes, please contact us for appropriate rates /quotes.

Size Change Charges

For changing the size of motivational posters according to your specific requirement, following charges will be applicable:

  motivational posters India : INR 300 / poster
  Quality posters International : $7/poster

Payment: Size Change Charges

Additional charges for making size changes will have to be paid by the buyer. However, first you have to obtain the quotation from us for making size changes.

In case of orders where a SPECIAL QUOTATION has been obtained from us for customized poster order (size change charges etc), you can pay by cheque or demand draft or cash or bank transfer. Please click on “Payment Option” on top of every page to find out how. as mentioned above. These options are available for Indian customers only.

International customers can pay by CREDIT CARD by clicking on the link “Special Services Payment.” given at the bottom of the HOME page. You will then be taken to a separate page where you can start the process of making the payment by credit card. On this page, you will fill in a short description for the product / service that you are buying in the "Description" section. You will also fill in the quoted amount payable in the "Negotiated/Agreed Amount" Section. Next Click on "Pay" and you will arrive at the PAYPAL PAYMENT GATEWAY page. Now, just follow instruction of PAYPAL Gateway to make the desired payment.