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Motivational Posters as Corporate Gifts

Motivational, personality development, self development Posters as Corporate Gifts

Motivational, success, leadership, inspirational, personality and self development posters serve as excellent corporate gifts idea. You can gift a set of inspirational and motivational posters. Organizations receiving the posters will hang these posters in their facilities because of their attractive design and uniqueness. Your company logo on these posters will do the necessary image and brand building as well as increase the awareness of your products and services.

Advantages of using motivational posters as corporate gifts

1. Unique corporate gifts

  • The posters are unique because the message is unique.
  • Long shelf life as the recipient of the motivational posters will frame and hang them at their office and/or facilities.
  • Very Cost effective. For instance, a set of 6 attractive posters with unique message for 1000 recipients will just cost about Rs. 60,000 or approx. $1500.

2. Target gifting

Availability of Poster on a large range of topics including Achievement, Imagination, Winning, Goals, Innovation, Inspiration, Passion, Laughter, Leadership, Excellence, Motivation, Success, Self Satisfaction, Happiness, Smile, Opportunities, Right Actions, Failure, Instant Success, Self Development, Positive Attitude, Teamwork & Values of Life makes target gifting easy, cost effective and possible.

No wonder, our posters are such as attractive gifting idea!

So, here is a chance for you to make an impression with a unique gifting idea. Gift a set of motivational posters and build a lasting relationship with the recipient.