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Languages Option for Motivational posters

Motivational, self development, personality development posters - Languages Options

The default language of the Motivational Inspirational, personality and self development posters, is English. We have different Motivational posters available in different languages. However, we can provide motivational Posters and Inspirational Posters in practically all the different languages in the world.

On the detail page of the posters, the languages in which that particular poster is available is clearly stated on the top of the page. In case, the motivational poster is available in the language of your choice, click on it and proceed to add to you cart.

In case, the management poster is not available in the language of your choice, you can get the poster in the language of your choice as follows:

FREE / FOC BASIS / NO COST TO YOU: You can send us the translation in the language of your choice and well use the same to convert the poster into the language of your choice with no cost to you.

ON PAYMENT BASIS: In case you cannot provide us the translation, we will provide you the poster in the language of your choice on payment basis. Click on the red LANGUAGE CONVERSION ON DEMAND option in the shopping cart and you can order the management posters in any language in the world for a nominal fee of Rs. 300 (any Indian language) or US $18(any non-Indian language) for each poster that needs to be translated.

Even after you have added a management poster to your Shopping Cart and would like to purchase the same management poster in a different language, click on ALSO, NEED THIS POSTER IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGE option given in the Shopping Cart against each poster you have selected to buy. You can use this option to add the same poster in another language. In case you do not want the earlier selected poster. You can delete it by clicking on the relevant red " X " BUTTON.

Please note that Language Conversion Charges will be applicable as follows:

(a) India : INR 300 / poster

(b) International : $8/poster

The delivery time for posters where language translation is required will be 3 weeks after receipt or order and payment. Normal delivery time for posters already available on the website in different languages is 1 week after receipt of order and payment within India and 7-10 days outside India.

Motivational posters and Inspirational posters are available in the following Languages:-