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How to order Motivational Posters

How to Order - Motivational Posters and Self Development Posters.

We have the largest range of Motivational Posters, self development posters, personality development posters and inspirational posters. Poster topics include Achievement, Imagination, Winning, Goals, Innovation, Inspiration, Passion, Laughter, Leadership, Excellence, Motivation, Success, Self Satisfaction, Happiness, Smile, Opportunities, Right Actions, Failure, Instant Success, Self Development, Positive Attitude, Teamwork & Values of Life. To order/purchase our unique colourful and attractively designed please folloe the following procedure. We will process your requirement after receipt of your firm order and payment.

Delivery time for Motivational and Inspirational Posters

1. Within India : 7 days after receipt of your firm order and payment. We can expedite the delivery of inspirational posters for a nominal fee of Rs. 500.

2. Outside India : 7-12 days after receipt of your firm order and payment  We can expedite the deliver of motivational posters for a nominal fee of $50.

Posters - The Ordering Process

Please follow the following steps to place order for motivational posters of your choice:

Step 1: Select CHOOSE YOUR CURRENCY - INR (Rs.) or US DOLLAR ($)

The default pricing in our Shopping Cart is in Indian Rupees (Rs.). The option to buy in Indian Rupees (Rs.) is only available for customers in India.

International customers (Customers outside India) have to CHOOSE CURRENCY, that is, $US Dollars. Once you choose the curreny option UD$, you will be able to view pricing in US$. Also, the shopping cart will show the pricing in US$. You can CHOOSE CURRENCY at any time while shopping on our website by clicking on "US DOLLAR" option in the "CHOOSE CURRENCY OPTION" shown on the top left corner of every page. This is an absolutely necessary step as the Poster Prices, logo insertion charges and Shipping Charges etc used by the Shopping Cart System to generate the Invoice for the posters selected by you will depend on the currency you choose.

Step 2:  Select BUY BUTTON

When you want to buy a particular poster, CLICK on the BUY BUTTON. You will then be taken to the page which will give you all the necessary details about that poster including pricing, size and material options available.

 Step 3:  Select ADD-TO-CART BUTTON

At the bottom of the detail page, all available options in terms of size and print medium along with relevant prices are given. Please click on the ADD-TO-CART BUTTON of the option that fits your need. After you click the ADD-TO-CART BUTTON of the poster you want to buy, the poster will be added to your Shopping Cart along with the pricing.


If you want to continue shopping, click on the CONTINUE SHOPPING BUTTON to buy more posters and add them to your Shopping Cart.


The default language in which our motivational and inspirational posters are available is English. Some posters are available in other languages also. The detail page of a poster indicates the languages in which that particular poster is available. In case, the inspiration and self development poster is available in the language of your choice, click on it and add the same to you shopping cart.

If the inspirational and personality development poster is not available in the desired language of your choice, please click on the red LANGUAGE CONVERSION ON DEMAND option which will allow you to order the motivational posters in any language in the world. Please note that there is a nominal fee of Rs. 300 or US$8 for translation of each poster.

Step 6:  Change Quantity by Selecting UPDATE BUTTON

Once you have added a motivation and personality development poster to your shopping cart, you have the option to change the quantity, To do so, first just change the quantity in the "quantity" box. After you have changed the quantity, just click on the UPDATE BUTTON so that the Shopping Cart recalculates the invoice amount.

Step 7:  Select NEXT BUTTON

Once you have finished doing your shopping, click on the NEXT BUTTON. The Shopping Cart will calculate the relevant shipping charges and the invoice will show the total value of the invoice which you have to pay.


After after you have added a motivational and inspirational poster to the Shopping Cart, you still have the option to purchase the same inspirational and motivational poster in a different language. For this, you have to click on ALSO, NEED THIS POSTER IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGE option shown in the Shopping Cart against each poster you have decided to buy. This option can be used to add the same poster in another language in your shopping cart. In case you do not want to buy any poster, you can delete the same  by clicking on the red "X" BUTTON shown against that poster.

Step 9:  Select "Logo" to add your company logo

If you are interested in having your COMPANY LOGO inserted in all the posters you have ordered, you can do so at an additional cost of Rs. 300 (USD 10) for each different poster. All you have to do is Select the LOGO box shown beneath the Shipping Charges in the Shopping Cart. The Shopping Cart will automatically calculate the logo insertion charges and add the same to the invoice value.

Step 10:  Login & Registration

After you have completed your shopping and exercised your in buying the logo insertion and language options, click on the NEXT BUTTON. Now you will be taken to the Login & Registration Page. Please complete the process.

Step 11: Billing & Delivery Information + Logo Upload

After you have completed the Login & Registration process, you will be required to complete the next page - "Billing & Delivery" information. Our system will automatically pick up the relevant information from the Registration page and complete the Billing Information. If the "Delivery" address / information is the same as the Billing address / information, click on the SAME AS BILLING INFORMATION option. If not, then please fill in the DELIVERY address / information.
If you have selected the LOGO option to insert your company LOGO on the selected posters, upload your high resolution logo in jpeg, EPS or CDR format by using the UPLOAD LOGO option (given on the right side of the page).

Step 12:   Quotation / Invoice & Payment

After completion of Step 11, you will be able to view your invoice on your computer screen. Please ensure that all the information shown in the invoice is correct. If the invoice is correct and as per your order, you can take the following actions:

Inspirational Posters PRINT the Invoice / DOWNLOAD pdf Invoice / PRINT Quotation
Self Development Posters MAKE PAYMENT – Now select the method of payment.
  Motivational Posters Delhi International customers will have to select ONLINE PAYMENT OPTION to pay by CREDIT CARD. You will be connected to well known PAYPAL PAYMENT GATEWAY Page. You can now make the payment by following the instructions of Paypal.
  Self Development Posters Delhi Indian customers will select “other payment methods.” All the Payment Options for Indian customers are listed at the bottom of the invoice and are also given below.

Shopping Cart Options

Updat cart button
Image1 Click after you change Poster Quantity
Next button
Image2 Proceed to the next step
Cancel cart button
Image3 Drop all the Poster in the Shopping Cart
continue shopping button
Image4 Continue to add more poster(s)
Image5 Cancel / Remove single selected poster
Also, need this poster in another language
Image6 Select the Language (other than default) in which the poster is required